Dr John Capp has been my dentist for nearly 30 years and during this time he has taken the very best care of my teeth that I could possibly hope for. I believe a good dentist has to be not only a great health care professional, but also a scientist (to keep up with all the advances in dental technology), and a great sculptor (to fashion complex things like fillings, crowns and other technical treatments - which not only have to work functionally, but look good).

 John is a master craftsperson in all these skill areas. He and his support staff always make me feel comfortable and secure whenever I need to see them for a check-up or for specialist treatment.

 As just one of many examples of his high-quality work, John inserted a ‘bridge’ almost 27 years ago, to replace one that another practice in the UK made and installed, but which failed within about 6 years. By contrast John’s bridge is still with me today, looking and functioning as well as the day he inserted it all those years ago. A great testament to John’s skill and careful approach to his patients.


Professor Paul Cooper

University of Wollongong

Capps Dental provides a painless, professional and efficient service that certainly takes the anxiety out of dental appointments. I am extremely pleased with the treatments I have received over the past ten years. Procedures are clearly explained and Dr Capp is confident and highly experienced. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice.

Jane Quince-Psychologist

I have been a patient of Dr. John Capp's for over 20 years.  He's not only a true professional, he genuinely cares about his patients health.

Rick Caballo


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